How to remove Facebook events from your iOS 6 calendar

Posted on Sep 25, 2012 in Digital tools
How to remove Facebook events from your iOS 6 calendar

With the Facebook integration in iOS 6 you can sync Facebook events into your calendar. At first sight, this is very handy. Especially if it’s an event you RSVP’d “yes” to – to automatically get it into your calendar is awesome, right?

Right. Except that in the calendar, you get all events. And by all, I don’t only mean events you’ve been invited and haven’t yet RSVP’d to and events you’ve responded to with “yes” or “maybe”. You also get those that you declined. I think that this is a bug – at least I hope it is – but until it’s fixed your calendar can look like this:

My iOS calendar with a Facebook event I declined

A screenshot of my iPhone calendar with a Facebook event I declined. This event was set every day from September to January (!), and so this is what every day in my calendar looked like.

The good news is that there’s a quick fix for this. You have to go to Facebook in a web browser and click on the Events section in the left hand menu.

Facebook page listing all your events

To remove a recurring event that started in the past: click “view month” to see events you were invited to earlier that month.

How to remove a Facebook event from your list and thus from your iPhone calendar

Hover with your mouse pointer over the event you want to remove. Click the X that shows up on the right. The event is removed from your list, and in next sync from your iPhone/iOS 6 calendar.

Let’s hope that Apple/Facebook fix this bug in the next release as this is a useful feature. Until then, this is one solution.

  • Chris Jonasson

    This is a facebook feature where facebook lists all the events as your events and pings you with notifications on all of them. It actually made me log in to and use facebook less. Just so irritating. Not sure if it is a bug.

    Autosyncing facebook to iphone, not that stupid, DO NOT WANT!

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  • M@

    Thank you for this! This is the biggest bug by far. I was invited to an art show that’s going on for the entire month – so annoying!

  • bgt

    I have Facebook events on my IOS6 calendar that I just can’t find anywhere on Facebook! This feature would need the option to delete FB-events from the IOS calendar directly.

  • D

    Thanks a ton for this handy tip! I had removed myself from an ongoing event but could not for the life of me get it off my calendar! This did the trick!

  • Tam

    Thank you so much! This was driving me crazy.

  • Paul Minors

    When I delete the Facebook event on the web it appears again when I refresh the page, so it’s still on my iOS6 Calendar. This is really annoying!

    • Micke Kazarnowicz

      I think it might be a synchronization issue when the event isn’t deleted from Facebook. What you can do is try a couple hours later, and sometimes another browser helps.

      • Paul Minors

        Okay, I’ll give this a go! Thanks!! :)

      • Paul Minors

        Thanks, this worked a treat!

  • Ory Band

    Have you tried clicking the cog wheel (settings) and deselecting “show declined events” ? Perhaps this will work (not tested).

    • Emma Brooks

      This does not work. I decline many events and they still show up in iOS6 despite not appearing on my Facebook events

  • Adrienne Bruckman

    Thank you so much. This was making me crazy. I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to post this so people like me can fix their problems quickly.

  • Paszinger Zoltán

    Go to settings -> facebook -> calendar -> OFF

    I think this will be much easier than click hundred times in a browser.

    • Micke Kazarnowicz

      The problem with that notion is that it disables a pretty good integration with iOS. Your solution is sort of like throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

      • Paszinger Zoltán

        Yes it is pretty good… But not good. So I disable it while it comes to be good

    • Teri Spencer Kelly

      THANK YOU. This is the only thing that worked for me. I nearly left a group I care about because I was SO tired of seeing an event on my calendar every. single, day.

    • Krista Phillips Vaughan

      I can’t find this option. I’m on a PC now. I go to settings, but don’t see an option for calendars.

      • Krista Phillips Vaughan

        Never mind, I got it.

  • John Wojtasiak

    I had a Papa Johns pizza event that went on for days……… Couldn’t figure out how to delete until I found this article. Thanks!

  • James G

    Thank you, thank you! I had an obnoxious 3 month invite to a stupid event! This got rid of it!!!

  • Cassie

    Thank you so much for this!!!!! I had an event i declined that went on for a month and was synced to my calendar. It was driving me nuts having it on there.!!

  • TJB

    I have some weird event that does not give me the option to remove when I hover over it. I get the X for everything else except with this event. Anyone have this problem?

  • David A Robertson

    I want to do “settings>Facebook>calendar>off, but I don’t see where to find “settings” Please help.

    • Micke Kazarnowicz

      It’s the settings app in your iPhone that you go to to change this.

  • James Howard

    I enjoy the feature, while I hate having unnecessary events in my calendar. I read everyones comments. Declining the event in conjunction with have “Hide Declined Events” in settings (facebook events) works a treat!
    Good stuff ;)

  • Søren Louv-Jansen

    This service removes Facebook events from your calendar, if you haven’t replied to them yet – only “Attending” and “Maybe” will be shown:

    Disclaimer: I had this problem and developed the above solution to solve it :)

    • Lauren

      This downloaded all the declined events into my google calendar now :/

  • Michael Goodman

    There is a workaround. Don’t use it but instead use the facebook calendar export feature. In events click on the link to export all your events and email that link to your iPhone. Then click on the link on your phone to subscribe. This does NOT show declined events.

  • Desiree Joy Frias

    If I decline an event, you reallyyyy dont need to put it in my calendar.

  • David Mane

    Thanks a lot, really great

  • KingIsulgard

    You can hide suggested and declined events. Go to events, on the left top side there are two buttons “List” and “Calendar”. Click on calendar. On the right (next to “create new event” and “today”) click on the gear button and choose “settings”. There you can hide types of events you don’t like. Such as suggested events, declined events and even birthdays.

  • Carrie Kargel

    The next sync? When/how often does iPhone sync with Facebook? How can I check or change this?

    • Carrie Kargel

      I declined an event. It no longer shows up in Facebook on my computer OR in my Facebook iPhone app. It does still show up in my iPhone calendar though. (??)

      I have “Show declined events” set to off. It still shows up. Maybe I am just waiting for the next sync for it to disappear from my phone calendar?

  • Alex Gradinger

    Thanks DM!

    And if you want to force ical to sync now go into settings > facebook and turn calendar off. Go back to the calendar app for a moment (all fb events should be gone). Then go back into settings and turn the calendar back on. Any declined invitations you manually removed on the site will no longer be on your phone’s calendar.

  • Ray Beckerman

    I agree with Paszinger Zoltan, except that for some reason that didn’t get rid of all the junk either.

    So I just deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone.

    Problem solved.

    Facebook really sucks.

  • Krista Phillips Vaughan

    This doesn’t really work to remove from my google calendar. I have a 4S. Could that be why? I have the latest iOS update. I removed quite a few events, but they are still showing up on my calendar. I have declined attendance, clIcked on the x but they’re still there. Any ideas??? Screenshot taken of this month after x’ing all those events. As you can see, some of them take up a whole month. So annoying. Thanks for your help.
    UPDATE: apparently you just have to give it time. I kept logging into and out of my calendar to see if maybe that was it and nothing, but this last time they all disappeared. It works, it just takes time. Sorry, I’m impatient. Thanks a ton for the tip, but you might want to add that you need to give it a little time for your calendar to update. Thanks!!!