Sailfish wetsuits make men fast, women sexy

Posted on Sep 27, 2012 in Politics and society
Sailfish wetsuits make men fast, women sexy

Using women to sell things to straight men is a tactic that’s used by many a clueless marketing team. Tech companies are overrepresented in this area I think. Remember MSI and their booth babe contest? ASUS had their boot babe moment too. Dell did a very good job of making their Denmark event an unwelcoming place for women. I can see the logic behind using non-relevant sex(y women)  to attract customers for companies that cater to a traditionally male crowd. Especially if they don’t care about being labeled “assholes”, like a Ryan Air of equality of sorts.

What I can’t see is the logic for a company like Sailfish, that make wetsuits – traditionally used by a more athletic crowd, interested in performance – to use the sexist tactic. Look at these ads that Jonas Lejon found in their product catalog. Men are obviously “fast” in their suits, while women are “sexy”. Because, you know, women wear wetsuits to be sexy and not for any other reason like being warm, fast, agile or comfortable.

Men in Sailfish wetsuits are FAST…

Men in Sailfish wetsuits are FAST…

… while women are sexy in the same product

… while women are sexy in the same product line.

If you want to know whether women can be fast too, why don’t you click here and help me ask Sailfish on Twitter?

Hat tip to Jonas for putting this online in the first place, and letting me use the images.



  • Beth Dacey

    I had to wear my wet suit while I visited a lighthouse in Sudan since I obviously couldn’t be in only my bathing suit. Good thing the local keepers didn’t think I was going for sexy in my touristing neoprene

  • Emma

    Wow, subtle of them! I wish I could be fast in a wetsuit :(