Link roundup March 27, 2012

Posted on Mar 27, 2012 in Link roundup
  1. curator’s ǝpoɔ
    I love this: a standardized way to give cred to sources of information. Curator’s code has two icons, one for “via” which is the original source and one for “hat tip”, a source of indirect discovery, story lead or inspiration. I’m going to use this from hereon after.  


  2. Social Media Security Basics [Exclusive Infographic] – SocialTimes
    This is a pretty good summary of security with more and more cloud based services. Only pretty good because it talks about “complex password” as having “letters, symbols and numbers” which isn’t true (here’s a comic explaining why) and it misses one important source: scam login pages looking like the original. For example, many Twitter accounts are “hacked” (or rather, get their password stolen) when they log in through a scam login page, that’s linked from a DM saying something like “I can’t believe what this person is saying about you”. Clicking that link takes you to a login page that looks exactly like Twitter’s. You log in there and boom – password stolen.


  3. Gay Travel Index
    Spartacus has ranked the world’s countries according to how gay-friendly they are. The most gay-friendly? Sweden. It’s kind of interesting to see that among the top 9 countries, 5 are in the northern part of the northern hemisphere (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Canada). Maybe cold climates make people more tolerant and liberal?

    The countries that score the lowest are Iran, Nigeria, Jamaica, UAE, Jordan and … Russia. This is my surprised face


  4. New Samsung TV Watches You Watching It – Slashdot
    The creepiness of this is stunning. A TV directly modeled after Orwell’s 1984. The only difference is that these are (still) voluntary to get. How people would voluntarily buy these TVs from Samsung, I do not understand. And I’m the guy who has lived with a 24/7 web cam controlled by the users in my studio apartment for three months.


  5. Tweepi’s New “Force User to Unfollow You” Feature
    Tweepi claims to have a feature that “forces users to unfollow you” to “maintain [your] brand’s image at a certain standard”. This is weird on so many levels. First of all, someone working with Twitter services who thinks that your followers profile images (yes, that’s what they exemplify users you might want to block) is something that impacts your brand image and is worth spending time on.

    Second, there’s nothing in Twitter’s API that allows a user to “force” another user to do anything. This is simply Tweepi’s way of charging for a service that Twitter provides for free as a part of their core: blocking a user. Tweepi probably blocks the user, and then unblocks him/her directly. Premium pricing for someone else’s free service is … hinky, at best. NOTE: I’ve tweeted Tweepi to ask how they do it, but they’ve ignored the tweet.


  6. Tablet Owners Are Hungry for Paid Content [STUDY]
    This Nielsen study shows that 41% of “tablet owners” (in the US) have bought a digital magazine on their tablet. I daresay that this can be translated to “2 out of 5 iPad owners in the US have bought a digital magazine”. Why? Because the availability of paid digital magazines on Google Play is laughable. Looking at the top list shows that in the top 20 paid “news & magazines” apps on Android, not a single one is a digital magazine. Instead, it’s different aggregators and apps for reading RSS streams and the like. It remains to be seen if Google’s move to integrate Google Wallet into the app store formerly known as Android Market will increase the willingness to pay for Android content to the same level as iPad owners. I remain skeptical.


  7. Prospective Employees Are Now Being Asked for Facebook Login Details
    I’m sure that this is just a few, clueless recruiters who don’t really know how to handle the shift to digital. While outrageous, it’s no worse than the data surveillance directive that the European Union wants all member states to implement. Sweden is passing the law on Wednesday, March 21.


  8. PayPal Is Rumored To Be Launching A Square Competitor
    Paypal seem to be aiming for Square (and probably iZettle too, considering Paypal’s test with NFC payments happened in Stockholm, the home of iZettle). The question is if Paypal can get enough momentum. I hope not. To me, the jury is still out whether Paypal are evil or not. On one hand, we have lots of stories like Regretsy’s Cats 1, Kids 0. On the other, Paypal has actually started to ban accounts belonging to groups preaching hate against LGBT people.


  9. Guy Sues Apple Because Siri Doesn’t Do What Apple Says Siri Does
    This lawsuit probably won’t get the plaintiff anywhere, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Apple’s success is partly based in a minute attention to detail. From packaging to usage, it’s flawless. Siri is a key feature in iPhone 4S marketing, and I agree with the plaintiff: it’s a piece of crap with Apple standards. I think Google’s voice assistant stands a real chance unless Siri becomes vastly better in the next release.


  10. Bill Gates: Hilarious Response When Engineer Compared Windows To A Toilet
    This is an interesting story. I’ve never thought about the different interfaces for shower – toilet, but the engineer is right, and proven so by the success of the iPad and iPhone.