Link roundup March 2, 2012

Posted on Mar 2, 2012 in Link roundup
  1. TED Blog | Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world
    The pop culture geek in me loves this awesome way of promoting “Prometheus”. It’s sort of a prequel to the Alien series, in which Weyland-Yutani – a corporation founded by Peter Weyland – plays a big role. Here he is at TED in 2023, doing a TED talk on humanoid robots.
  2. Things Apple is Worth More Than
    A fun initiative that puts the size of Apple’s market cap into perspective. Did you know that Apple is worth more than the construction of the interstate highway system in the US?
  3. Facebook introduces Reach Generator packaged advertising solution to boost page posts
    Facebook has a brilliant business model: 1. Gather lots of people at the same place. 2. Filter their content based on interaction and social signals. 3. Sell opportunity to bypass that filter.

    It will be interesting to see what the cost of this new Facebook ad-model will be. If it’s too low, I can see lots of un-liking and in the long run, people being much more selective with what they like (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). You have to give Facebook that they’re very creative with their new ad models.

  4. foursquare is joining the OpenStreetMap movement! Say hi to pretty new maps! | Foursquare Blog
    Foursquare are moving to OpenStreetMap. They claim a lot of reasons (including that it’s prettier, which is very subjective) but I’m guessing the real reason is money. Google obviously charge ridiculous amounts ($4/1000 map views) after the 25 000 free map views per day, and Foursquare is probably very heavy on map views.

    I think more services will follow suit, and Google will either be forced to reconsider their pricing, or develop a truly premium service. OpenStreetMap has got an advantage: no matter how much money Google pours into the updating of Google Maps, a crowdsourced solution – with a big enough crowd – will create more accurate content.

    One thing you can say is that the only users of Foursquare that are thrilled about the change so far are the ones involved in the OpenStreetMap community, if you read the comments. I think that will change over time, but meanwhile Foursquare will get a lot of heat. I think transparency about the fact that Google Maps is just too expensive would’ve gathered more understanding from the disgruntled users.

  5. Who decides what gets sold in the bookstore? – The Domino Project
    The always smart, oftentimes brilliant Seth Godin got a book rejected from Apple Store. Why? Because the book has references to hardcover (“analogue”) books on Amazon. I wholeheartedly agree with Seth here, that this is a dangerous path when major book stores start refusing books because of their content.

    This is one of the reasons I choose to support Amazon by reading most my e-books on Kindle (either on my  Kindle Touch, or on my iPhone or iPad). So far, Amazon appear to be less prone to censorship because of content. Based on this I could argue that Amazon are more pro free speech than Apple. (via @johanhedberg)

  6. Facebook DOMINATES Google , Tumblr, And Pinterest
    Facebook continues to dominate the users’ time: in January 2012 visitors spent 405 minutes on average on Facebook. For Tumblr and Pinterest the figure is 89 minutes each. Twitter is even lower with 21 minutes, however this is not a fair comparison as most people would access Twitter through third party clients such as Tweetdeck or Tweetbot. Google+ is the big loser here: they’re down to 3 minutes, which is even lower than the measly 5 minutes per visitor per month (!) they were at last fall.
  7. Hetslagstiftningen värnar intolerans | Debatt
    Jag håller helt med om att hetslagstiftning är problematisk och icke önskvärd på det stora hela. Mycket bra poäng att det också tillåter länder som Ryssland att göra åt andra hållet: förbjuda att folk omnämner homosexualitet i positiva ordalag.
  8. Apple’s Toughest Competition in the Fourth-Quarter Tablet Market Was…Apple
    This is an interesting dilemma. What do you do when you’re biggest competitor is one of your own products? The wrong company structure will create an unhealthy competition, where managers who want their bonuses won’t cooperate with other divisions if it means lower turnover or profit for their own division – even if the total profit for the company as a whole would go up.
  9. “The TV is broken”
    Have you seen the Youtube video with a one year old that tries using a magazine like an iPad? This is sort of the same, but with a four year old, and tv instead of magazine. This is a story about a four year old who never before has watched regular tv. It makes you think about how traditional tv programming with commercials is old.
  10. [STUDY] Facebook Defriending is on the Rise
    People are more prone to defriending, untagging themselves and deleting comments from friends on Facebook. There’s nothing strange with this. In the beginning, before people get used to having a digital persona, it’s sort of like a honeymoon. It’s fun and play. Since it isn’t serious, you add lots of people without thinking.

    This actually shows that digital personas are here to stay, and that people are starting to take them seriously. it’s a good thing.