Link roundup February 12, 2013

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Link roundup February 12, 2013
  1. EU Data Protection: Proposed Amendments Written by US Lobbyists – Open Enterprise

    You might ask them who exactly they think they represent: you and the other 500 million EU citizens that pay their salary, currently running at around £80,000 per year, or a bunch of extremely rich US companies that are intent on taking away our privacy so that they can get even richer?

    I like the theory behind the European Union, but I hate how it turned out in practice. Here’s another reason it sucks: members of the European Parliament copy-paste from texts written by US companies into legislation propositions regarding European citizens’ data protection rights. We pay them to fight for our opponents.

  2. Countries for and against UN regulating the Internet
    The UN seeks to control the Internet through ITU. Not that they themselves see it so, but take a look on the map of the countries that support the treaty (black). And then look at the countries that oppose the treaty (red). See any pattern?

    (via 89 Countries Signed the ITU’s Controversial Treaty, 55 Didn’t – Softpedia)

  3. CV name-change leaves foreign student reeling – The Local

    However, while the CVs with his real name all went unanswered, the 20 with the fictional Swedish name garnered 13 offers for an interview.

    A student with a foreign sounding name sends two versions of his CV to companies, one with a Swedish sounding name, one with his real. The information in both is the same, the layout is different. Only the ones with the Swedish sounding name get replies. There’s a system failure here, one that does not bode well for Sweden.

  4. Why Your Online Marketing Department Is All Screwed Up

    Call the new guy the “inbound marketing analyst” – the person who thinks of search, content, and social as a single process.

    Except for the fact that the new guy could be a new girl, this is a brilliant and must-read article for all marketing managers and CEOs. Yes, traditional marketing teams are doomed, and traditional marketers need to get with the times if they want to keep working in the digital world. The sad truth is that while many will read this, and agree, most won’t know how to reach the “less-screwed-up” organization described in this blog post.

  5. Breezing: Portable Metabolism Tracker | Indiegogo

    For the first time ever, a metabolism tracker that syncs with your smartphone. Brought to you by a team of dedicated researchers and engineers, Breezing combines innovative design with proven science.

    I love quantified self, and would back a lot of projects that regular people wouldn’t. But while this idea on a conceptual level is great (this is how athletes measure their energy expenditure) Breezing will never fly. The first items may be manufactured, but the buyers will be left with a device they won’t be able to use. The fact that you have to use cartridges and buy new ones is the biggest problem, and then we have the form factor, an additional bulky gadget. And if you’re going for a target group that are willing to pay, why are you doing Android first? No, this will not fly.

  6. Name Your Job – Everlane – Job Board

    Interested in joining us, but don’t see the right fit? Tell us your story, and write your job description. Then tell us what you would do in the first 90 days at Everlane.

    Today’s learners will solve problems we don’t know about yet, using tools that do not yet exist. This will affect how we work. Take a peek at the mindset of the future employer in this ad by Everlane. If I were in the US, I’d apply right away.

  7. Applebee’s Overnight Social Media Meltdown: A Photo Essay

    At 2:53 am, the middle of the night, whoever manages Applebee’s Facebook page started making comments on their status update.

    This is like reading about a car crash in detail. Everyone who works with PR, marketing and social media should read this, and note that being technically right doesn’t mean squat – managing and communication is everything.


Photo Credit for header image: Julia Manzerova via Compfight cc