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This is crop100 – The Living With Less Movement

Crop100 is a project. Or challenge. Or lifestyle, depending on how you approach it. It is about getting rid of material things, freeing up mental and physical space and dispersing the clutter of excess belongings. It’s about exploring what material objects do to us, to our society and the environment. You can follow the progress of the movement at the crop100 blog.

crop 100 is about getting rid of 100 physical objects within a year #crop100 (that’s one thing every third day on average). The things can be big or small, expensive or cheap. You can sell them, donate them to charity or give them to friends (or strangers). You can throw them away too, although this should be the last option.

Anyone is free to join crop100. Just start downsizing your material belongings and document the process on Twitter, your blog, Google+ or Instagram. Add the hashtag #crop100 and we’ll (hopefully) pick it up and put it in the Tumblr blog for crop100. If you want to be on the list of participants, just fill out this form. And please help us spread the message. Want the logos? They’re all right here.

Crop100 is founded by Fredrik Wass and Michael Kazarnowicz. It is inspired by the Burning House Blog, Graham Hill’s “Living with less. A lot less.” and the top five regrets of the dying.

I’ve written a more personal story about my participation in crop100 here.


Q: Is crop100 about getting rid of all your belongings?
A: No. It’s about getting rid of the stuff that you don’t use, that you don’t need. Only you can decide what you need.

Q: Does crop100 mean you’re not allowed to buy new stuff?
A: No. crop100 is about a mindful approach to material things. If you need something, you should buy it. Or make it. We encourage you to think about environment and the people producing the stuff you buy. Shop from brands and companies that have a sustainable approach. Buy quality, cry once.

Got a question? Do you want to get in touch? Tweet us at @bisonblog (Fredrik) or @kazarnowicz (Michael)

crop100 founders Fredrik Wass and Michael Kazarnowicz

Crop100 founders Fredrik Wass (left) and Michael Kazarnowicz (right)

A great, big, heartfelt thank you to Joakim Nyström at Bloggbyrån who helped us design the logo. Isn’t it pretty?