iOS vs Android – which is better?

Posted on Sep 13, 2013 in Gadgets, Reviews

I often get the question about Android vs iOS and which is better. The short answer is: “neither” or “both” depending on if you want the pessimistic or the optimistic version. Here’s the breakdown of it: I’ve been using iOS since the iPhone 1. Just before the iPhone 5 was released, I decided to give […]

Link roundup June 17, 2013

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 in Link roundup

The Curse Of The Network Effect | TechCrunch Marketplaces where either the buyer or seller expects to choose from an exhaustive listing – so-called “complete” marketplaces – typically give-up far more value than they are able to capture. Unless they facilitate the transaction itself, these businesses often find themselves in a bind. Insightful about monetizing […]

Why I just asked Memoto for a refund

Posted on Jun 14, 2013 in Gadgets, Reviews

I’ve just e-mailed Memoto and asked for a refund of my Kickstarter pledge. I still think it’s an exciting and interesting product, but I don’t believe enough people will be prepared to pay $108 (excluding taxes) per year to use it. It’s ironic, as I can see that one of the arguments for the high […]

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